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Do you need a creative marketing leader who has the experience to solve a lot of different kinds of problems?


A leader who understands marketing strategy and creative execution?


An operational wizard who can improve creativity and increase productivity?


A builder who can develop teams as well as technology solutions?


A diplomat who can handle the creatives and the clients?

Then look no further. I offer over 15 years of experience doing all these things and more. Read on to discover what I have done for other companies and what I can do for you.

I’ve Worn a Few Hats. Which Ones Do You Need?

The Captain

Teams, programs, projects, meetings – you name it, I’ve led it. Whatever the mission, I take the helm, set the course and steer the ship.

The Builder

Marketing and creative groups are constantly under construction. I’ve built teams, processes, systems, relationships and even an office for an entire creative department.

The Bean Counter

When in need of some creative thinking, I throw on my chef hat to cook up a few good ideas and develop a recipe for success.

The Team Player

The team hat is always on. Collaborate with Product Development on new products? No problem. Work with IT on building a system? Can do. I’ve built strong working relationships at all my jobs.

The Performer

Every now and then I put on a little show. Whether presenting to execs, servicing clients or rallying the troops, I deliver a classy performance.

The Chef

When in need of some creative thinking, I throw on my chef hat to cook up a few good ideas and develop a recipe for success.

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The Director

I have the vision to imagine the end product. And I can assemble and inspire a diverse team to create it. I ensure it looks good, sounds good and is strategically on target.

The Geek

I admit it. I have an inner geek. I love to use technology to make things more productive. I’ve implemented digital asset management systems, project management systems, hardware, software, servers and more.

The Wizard

I bring a little operational wizardry to the job to keep things running smoothly. To make things work like magic you need something much more mundane – good process. I’ve established and improved many processes.

The Fire Marshal

I respond to emergencies when necessary, but a good fire marshal knows that fire prevention is more important than fire fighting. So, I focus on preventing the blaze.

The Cowboy

Let’s face it. Running marketing projects is sometimes a bit like herding kittens. I round everyone up and keep them headed in the same direction.


A Few Places I've Hung My Hats